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Welcome to the Grand Canyon State Gridiron Club (GCSGC) - Arizona's beacon for high school football excellence. As the esteemed custodian of the Ed Doherty Award, we champion more than just on-field prowess; we amplify the potential of our youth, foster academic achievement, and ensure their safety and holistic well-being. From drawing national attention to our state's budding talent to nurturing a tightly-knit football community, GCSGC stands as the backbone of Arizona's high school football, shaping not just athletes, but future community leaders. Dive in to discover our legacy and the promising future we're building.

Steward of the

Ed Doherty Award

The Ed Doherty Award is an iconic recognition in Arizona high school football. Being its steward means the GCSGC is responsible for maintaining the tradition, prestige, and integrity of this coveted accolade.

National Attention

By representing Arizona's amateur athletics, GCSGC helps highlight the extraordinary talents and qualities of young Arizonans on a national scale. This exposure is invaluable for the athletes as it opens doors to numerous opportunities – from college scholarships to potential careers in professional sports.

Beyond the Field

Athletic brilliance is just one facet. GCSGC champions academic success, understanding that a robust mind is as crucial as a fit body. Moreover, by promoting social affinity, it fosters unity and camaraderie among young athletes.

Community Catalyst

The funds raised by the Ed Doherty Award Luncheon fuel community-driven initiatives. They're not merely invested in the sport but in weaving a tighter community fabric.

360° Well-being

The Club recognizes the dual nature of athletes – physical and mental. By endorsing programs that cater to both, GCSGC ensures that Arizona's young athletes are prepared to tackle challenges, both on and off the field.
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